Aluminum Roofing


Aluminum is a versatile, lightweight metal used in roofing, and is useful for energy‐saving and
extension of roof life. Aluminum is also a very cost‐effective material for roofing.
Aluminum roofing has saved millions of dollars on repairs for industry professionals and homeowners
alike, and their manufacture (instead of other high‐carbon alternatives) has reduced CO2 emissions by
tens of thousands of tons. The durability and versatility of aluminum also reduces both installation
costs and hours of labor.

This reduced effort is due to the fact that aluminum weighs much less than stone aggregate coatings,
and as such requires less human and technological effort, usage and waste. Most aluminum roofing
systems also come with a 20‐year guarantee, which is double the guarantee given by other, nonaluminum
systems. Aluminum roofing increases the life of a roof and, at the same time, reduces the
maintenance and re‐roofing costs.

Aluminum roofing is also useful in areas with extreme weather conditions such as excessive heat and
humidity. It is even resistant to the salty water continuously splashing on coastal buildings, and stands
up to acid rain as well. On average, aluminum roofing can remain in usable condition for almost 50
years. Finally, aluminum roofing systems are more resistant to mold and rust than other roofing

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