An Ohio Maintenance Director Caught & Jailed....and Questions of Tremco Sole-Sourced Contracts Arise


Anyone in roofing should know that the Dayton, Ohio Daily News has led the way in reporting this terrible scam of the school dollar.  They printed several local stories at a local district and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  Then Steve Bennish and Cathy Mong, reporters, did the first story linking the the scam nationally on Oct. 22, 2000 - linking the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation report "Waste and Abuse in School Roofing Projects Sept. 2000" with my case against the University of California, San Francisco for firing me for reporting sole-sourced Tremco specs in roofing bidding documents in 1997.

Because no one has prosecuted the companies involved, we have it exposed - again.  And in the same area.

Tremco was ole-sourced  in Miami County, Ohio.  The Maintenance Director was caught taking kickbacks for contracts, and using the county as a "private ATM".  He has now been sentenced and fined.  The Tremco sole-sourced specs have been referred on for prosecutions.

To quote the newstory:

"Those records also show investigators had much broader concerns with no-bid contracts totaling millions of dollars.

of Tremco Roofing for several projects, investigators estimate, cost
Miami County approximately $509,541 since January 2008 in over-charging
compared quotes offered by another vendor that was not considered.

Investigative records also spell out millions of dollars of work awarded to the firm Waibel Trane without competitive bidding."

The story is here, on WHIO TV Channel 7 News:

There is a video link to the TV News Story in the report.


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