Spray Foam Roof May Resolve Condensation Problem at Niagara Aquarium


Spray Foam Roof Applied at Niagara
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"United Thermal Systems Insulates Dome Roof At Aquarium of Niagara 

Lack of insulation caused condensation, which was dripping onto visitors heads 

By Cameron Prior

NIAGARA FALLS, NY – October 31, 2012 – The Aquarium of Niagara, known for offering guests a look into the aquatic life of the surrounding Great Lakes and beyond since 1965, desperately needed insulation for their dome roof when condensation began falling on their customers' heads. United Thermal Systems was called in to insulate the exterior of the dome roof with spray foam.

The Aquarium's dome roof covers its seal and sea lion performance area and was not originally insulated. As a result, condensation formed on the building's interior, causing water to drip on customers' heads and down the side walls of visitor areas.

Larry Ash, Vice President of United Thermal Systems, said, "Condensation on the interior of the roof was exaggerated because there was no insulation on the roof whatsoever. It dripped inside and started to destroy the concrete ceiling."

Ash noted that several years ago, his company sprayed a polyuria coating on the interior of the dome in order to make it appear like blue sky with clouds. "The coating helped to protect the concrete from the interior condensation," he said, "but it still did not stop the condensation from forming."

To alleviate the problem, United Thermal Systems planned to insulate the roof of the structure, which also includes a 14-foot-wide flat "skirt" surrounding the central dome. When spraying the foam, crewmembers were able to follow the contour of the roof with a seamless application.

Since the aquarium has an outdoor seal exhibit, extra precautions were necessary to protect the area from overspray. Ash said they did not want the spray foam, silicone, and granules they were using to get into the exhibit."

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