The End is Now Beginning......


And you never thought anything would happen.

Think again.  

And be happy.

The end is now beginning. 

Let me explain.

What I may not have revealed clearly in this blog is the underbelly of the roofing scam - what it is feeding.

According to the former San Francisco School Board President who threatened my life twice over the scam, two minutes previously she had exclaimed, laughing, that "EVERYBODY!" was involved with kickbacks.  Stanford Law students wrote a lengthy paper about that very problem when she was on it.....regarding Maintenance and Operations at the San Francisco Unified School District.....

According to the former Contracts Manager at my 800-person Facilities Department at the University of California, San Francisco, serving over 110 buildings and 6 or more major hospitals - "EVERYBODY!!!" was involved (with kickbacks).....laughing....and describing a pair of red jeeps his and hers for a man and wife in the department, a trip to Europe for a building manager, trips, electronics, parts and additions to houses and cash in brown bags in on or around the houses and offices of those involved.....

This was four years after lying to FBI Agents in my case.

And when the Mayor of San Francisco and former 20-year Assembly Leader let me know just how displeased he was with my reports to the FBI about what I saw at the University of California, San Francisco - and in a back alley meeting - you know what is going on.

Especially in a state where about $500 million a year is lost in school and public works roofing contracts.....

The bottom line?

The scam is feeding politicians controlling others on the lowliest of boards and councils - and keeping them controlled as they move up in the political world.

How do you think California got so bad and into a one-party control freak quandry, leftists piled high and deep throughout, unable to do anything but spend?   

With some of those control freak California leftists now screwing up Congress, everybody's lives and careers and futures and even their health at stake....

That's precisely how.

And it's happening in your communities too - wherever the scam exists.

So read this news report, and know, absolutely know, this is the beginning of the end.

View more videos at:

Count them - 12 that's Twelve - School Superintendents, School Board Members and One Superintendent of the Community College in San Diego South Bay area indicted by a Grand Jury Friday, Dec. 28, 2012.

And this is after more than several others have pleaded out this year to bribery and etc. including other School Board members and an architect and a Construction Management Firm..... in the same area.  The Construction Management Firm involved is doing work all over California.....

And there is more to come.....

Like they told me, "EVERYBODY!" is involved.

Except the poor teachers and students.....there are "no do-overs" in education, as one of my friends keeps saying and he's absolutely right.

Tremco, Garland and Hickman/Viridian/Roth:   Time to close up shop. You have worked hard at feathering your own nests - at all our costs, at all our freedoms. 

Get off our shores.  

What you have done to our system of governance is beyond criminal - it's treasonous.

But to the good men and women out there refusing to go along to get along - and for their continuing resourcefulness - We can all say:  Happy New Year!

You have no idea what a help you have been!


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