Cut Commercial Roofing Cost with Roof Coatings


Cut Cost on Commercial Roof Replacements

Myrtle Beach Hotels and Other Commercial Buildings, Cut Roof Replacement Cost With Roof Coatings

For many businesses, building maintenance is an essential cost of doing business. Maintaining a visually appealing appearance, protecting merchandise, or offering a clean hotel room, can be the difference between success and failure, in competitive tourist markets like Myrtle Beach, SC.  Even with good marketing and advertising, a customer is likely to make their final decision on whether or not they will do business with you, based on the appearance and cleanliness of your building/store. Just like a bad score from the health department can deter customers from a restaurant, a leaky roof resulting in mildew and other foul smells, can run customers off, even after you draw them in the doors. A leaky roof not only poses the risk of losing potential customers, it can also add to the risk of having major structural damage.  Just like with health care, prevention is the best way to protect your buildings structural soundness, and overall appearance.

There are many reasons why business owners often neglect their roofing systems, however one of the main reasons, is the cost associated with roof replacement.  Roofing products are often expensive and labor intensive to install, resulting in high replacement cost to the building owners.  Many factors play into the high cost of roof replacement such as manufacturer's warranty's, new regulations in the production of roofing materials, and the need for skilled labor to install roofing systems.  Another big factor in the past, associated with labor cost, has been the need to remove the old roofing system in order to install a new roofing system.  Roof tear off is priced the same as installing a new roofing system. Re-roofing over shingles with a second layer, and installing metal roofing over top of shingle roofs, has been going on for years. However, these methods are not acceptable by most manufacturer's warranty requirements, and also add a lot of extra weight to a roof framing system designed for holding only one layer of roofing.

In recent years, due to a sluggish economy, and a push towards more environmentally friendly products, roofing product manufacturers have made strides into improving their products to help lower roof replacement cost, and improve sustainability. To help customers lower roof replacement cost, and improve their own company's sales, many new roof coating products have hit the market, which have lowered roofing cost for commercial building owners and homeowners a like. 

Roof coatings, are roofing products that can be installed over most existing, low slope roofing systems. Low slope roofs, or more commonly referred to as flat roofs, are often used on commercial buildings. They offer many advantages to commercial building owners, such as being able to put HVAC systems on the roof, ease of maintenance, and improved storefront appearances. The major disadvantage is the cost of flat roofing systems, as there is a smaller market for flat roofs, resulting in higher cost of low slope roofing products. Just as with residential roofing systems, flat roofing systems also need replacement, on average, after about 20-30 years.  Advancements in roof coatings, have helped eliminate some of the cost associated with replacing a flat roofing system, and offer the same warranty lengths as traditional flat roofing systems. Roof coatings can go over most all existing flat roof systems, eliminating most tear off cost associated with traditional flat roof replacements. Roof coatings are also light weight, and will not add any significant amount of weight to structural members.  Being able to eliminate half the labor cost associated with replacing flat roofing systems, has resulted in huge savings to commercial building owners in need of a new roof. Also, in addition to lower roof replacement cost, roof coatings are also energy efficient, helping building owners lower utility cost. By eliminating waste associated with tearing off old roofing systems, also helps the environment.

So if your a business owner or commercial building owner in the Myrtle Beach, SC or coastal Carolina areas, and in need of a new roof, then give MBS Services and Construction Company a call today. We can come out and assess your situation, and tell you how a roof coating can save your company money on roof replacement cost, and lower utility cost for most business owners.  If your roof is already leaking, and your worried about structural damage, our company uses thermal imaging technology which can pinpoint insulation and structural damage, which also lowers cost for insulation and structural roof repairs.  So give us a call today, or contact us through any of the contact methods listed below. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to helping business, hotels, and homeowners in the Myrtle Beach area with their next roofing projects.

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