When It Rains, It Pours


The last Post dealt with the Grand Jury in San Diego indicting more Superintendents, Construction Personnel and School Board Members in two School Districts, San Ysidro and Sweetwater, and a local Community College.

Here's the latest:

Last Year - 5 indicted including one Architect, all pleaded out.

In this set of indictments - 15 - count them - 15 - have been indicted according to NBC in San Diego, and all are to appear in Court on Monday, January 8th, 2013.  5 were the original set indicted, with more indictments this time.

To Date:  15 Indicted. 

Expect more.indictments.

To quote the story,

"The defendants are current and former school
officials, elected trustees, and contractors who did work at San Ysidro
schools, the Sweetwater school district and Southwestern College.  Many
have already entered "not guilty" pleas on prior and identical
complaints, including Gandara, Sandoval, Ricasa and Quiñones.

The Grand Jury began meeting in early November in a major "pay-to-play" public corruption case that now stretches across three South Bay school districts.

Prosecutors say the school officials
traded their votes on multi-million dollar construction contracts for
gifts and other favors

View more videos at: http://nbcsandiego.com.


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