Five Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor


Hiring a contractor to repair or replace your roof is an important decision. Here are five questions to ask a contractor before you allow any work to be done on your roof:
 1.  How long will the re-roof job take?
There are many variables that can slow down and even stop a job.  Getting a timeline is always a good idea.

2.  Will you need to tear off the old roof or can you re-roof on top of the old roof?

Ask what the contractor recommends.  Many contractors will advise tear off to allow him to inspect the sheathing and expose any problems.

3.  If the old roof needs to be torn off, who will be responsible for hauling away the waste? 

Most contractors charge an additional fee to haul away tear-off debris. 

4.  Will the contractor furnish you with a written contract including detailed payment instruction and total price?

 Always get a written contract.  Verbal agreements are always a bad idea.
5.  Is your company licensed and insured?

Never allow any contractor on your roof who is unwilling to show you a copy of his or her license, and proof of insurance.  You don't want to be responsible for any accidents that may occur.

Need to find a reliable roofing contractor in your area?  Check out the Metal Roofing Alliance's Find a Contractor feature.  

For more information, check out this post.  Angie's List is another good resource.

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